Acapulco GoldAustralian daybill poster, R-1980s. Poster size 30"x13 1/2". Very good condition.$20.00
Lion KingAustralian daybill poster, 1994. Poster size 25 1/2" X 13 1/4". Good to very good condition.$25.00
Donald Duck 40th Anniversary Belgian poster for the release of this Disney cartoon collection. Poster size 14"x 21 1/2". Very good condition, the poster has never been folded.$15.00
Into The Night [ Serie Noire Pour Une Nuit Blanche] Belgian poster,1984. Poster size 14 1/2"x21 1/2". Stars David Bowie and Michelle Pfeiffer. Very good condition.$15.00
Sex O'Clock U.S.A. Belgian poster. Poster size is 14"x21 1/2". Very good condition.$18.00
Tom Jones Belgian poster from 1963, stars Albert Finney. Poster size is 14"x21. Good to very good condition, there are two small staples in the poster.$25.00
EmmanuelleCzech poster, 1974. Poster size 11"x16". Stars Sylvia Kristel. Great different artwork. Very good condition. There is a tack hole in each corner.$30.00
The Absent Minded ProfessorPolish poster,linen backed,1964. Poster size 23"x33", with backing 26 1/2"x36 1/2". Disney film.Trokowsky artwork. Very good to fine condition.150.00
Bedknobs And Broomsticks/ L'Apprentie Sorciere Small French poster,1971. Poster size 15 1/2"x20 3/4". Disney film. Good to very good condition, some edge wear and tack holes20.00
Casper Large French poster,1995. Poster size 46"x62". Very good condition.35.00
The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, And Her Lover Itlian locandina, 28"X 13". 1989. Directed by Peter Greenaway, starring Helen Mirren and Michael Gambon. Very good condition.$30.00
Daredevil Drivers [ Pilota No.1 La Pista Della Morte ] Itlian one panel, 39 3/4"X 55". 1977. Poster has been linen backed, with the total dimensions at 42 1/8"X 57 1/4". Great racing artwork. Very good condition.90.00
Donkey Skin [Peau D'Ane] [Esek Derisi] Turkish movie poster for the release of this 1970 French film directed by Jaques Demy. Poster size 27"x 39". Very good condition.$30.00
Jazz, Dance, And Rhythm [Jazz, Tanz Und Rhythmus]German poster for this 1956 film. The poster has been nicely linen-backed. Poster size is 23 1/2"X 33" and 27 1/2"X 37" with the linen border. Very good condition.$75.00
Pink Panther Festival 2 Yugoslav poster,1970. Poster size 20" X 27 . Good to very good condition.$25.00
Popeye Cartoons [Braccio Di Ferro Spaccatutto! ] Itlian locanina, 27 1/2"X 13". 1979. Fun Popeye and gang artwork. Very good condition.$30.00
The Night They Raided Minsky's [ Noc Kad Je Nastao Striptiz] Yugoslav poster,1968. Frank Frazetta artwork. Poster size 18 3/4"X 26 3/4". Poster was originally folded. Good to very good condition.$25.00
Run For Your Wife [ Trazim Zenu U Americi] Yugoslav poster,1966. Sexy cute artwork. Poster size 19 5/8"X 27 3/4". Poster was originally folded. Very good condition.$15.00