Acapulco GoldAustralian daybill poster, R-1980s. Poster size 30"x13 1/2". Very good condition.$20.00
Lion KingAustralian daybill poster, 1994. Poster size 25 1/2" X 13 1/4". Good to very good condition.$25.00
Into The Night [ Serie Noire Pour Une Nuit Blanche] Belgian poster,1984. Poster size 14 1/2"x21 1/2". Stars David Bowie and Michelle Pfeiffer. Very good condition.$15.00
Sex O'Clock U.S.A. Belgian poster. Poster size is 14"x21 1/2". Very good condition.$18.00
Tom Jones Belgian poster from 1963, stars Albert Finney. Poster size is 14"x21. Good to very good condition, there are two small staples in the poster.$25.00
The Absent Minded ProfessorPolish poster,linen backed,1964. Poster size 23"x33", with backing 26 1/2"x36 1/2". Disney film.Trokowsky artwork. Very good to fine condition.150.00
Bedknobs And Broomsticks/ L'Apprentie Sorciere Small French poster,1971. Poster size 15 1/2"x20 3/4". Disney film. Good to very good condition, some edge wear and tack holes20.00
James And The Giant Peach/ James et la Peche Geante Small French poster,1996. Poster size 15 3/4"x2 1/4". Disney film. Very good condition.$40.00
Casper Large French poster,1995. Poster size 46"x62". Very good condition.35.00
ABBA [The Movie] Itlian locandina, 13"X 28". 1978. Good to very good condition.$40.00
The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, And Her Lover Itlian locandina, 13"X 28". 1989. Directed by Peter Greenaway, starring Helen Mirren and Michael Gambon. Very good condition.$30.00
Popeye Cartoons [Braccio Di Ferro Spaccatutto! ] Itlian locanina, 27 1/2"X 13". 1979. Fun Popeye and gang artwork. Very good condition.$30.00
Daredevil Drivers [ Pilota No.1 La Pista Della Morte ] Itlian one panel, 39 3/4"X 55". 1977. Poster has been linen backed, with the total dimensions at 42 1/8"X 57 1/4". Great racing artwork. Very good condition.90.00
Wizard Of Oz Japanese movie poster for this 1990s release of this classic film. Poster size 10"x 29". Very good condition.$30.00
Hoary Legends Of The Caucasus Russian movie poster for this 1988 film. Poster size 27"x 39". Good to very good condition.$40.00
Donkey Skin [Peau D'Ane] [Esek Derisi] Turkish movie poster for the release of this 1970 French film directed by Jaques Demy. Poster size 27"x 39". Very good condition.$30.00
Jazz, Dance, And Rhythm [Jazz, Tanz Und Rhythmus]German poster for this 1956 film. The poster has been nicely linen-backed. Poster size is 23 1/2"X 33" and 27 1/2"X 37" with the linen border. Very good condition.$75.00
The Dark Crystal [Der Dunkle Kristall]German poster for this 1982 film, directed by Jim Henson and Frank Oz. Poster size is 12"X 19". Very good condition.$20.00
Pink Panther Festival 2 Yugoslav poster,1970. Poster size 20" X 27 . Good to very good condition.$25.00
The Night They Raided Minsky's [ Noc Kad Je Nastao Striptiz] Yugoslav poster,1968. Frank Frazetta artwork. Poster size 18 3/4"X 26 3/4". Poster was originally folded. Good to very good condition.$25.00
Run For Your Wife [ Trazim Zenu U Americi] Yugoslav poster,1966. Sexy cute artwork. Poster size 19 5/8"X 27 3/4". Poster was originally folded. Very good condition.$15.00