Arnold American Insert, 1973, 14"x36", stars Stella Stevens and Roddy McDowell. Very good to fine condition, some slight foxing in the outer borders. $30.00
Cronos American one sheet, 1992, 27"x41". First feature film by Director Guillermo Del Toro. Good to very good condition. $30.00
Dr. Jekyll And Sister Hyde Belgian poster, 1972, 14 3/4"x21 5/8". Hammer Horror film. Very good condition. $30.00
The Funhouse Original Japanese movie poster, 1981, 20"x28". Directed by Tobe Hooper. Different artwork from the American poster. Good to very good condition. $25.00
The Hearse American one sheet, 1980, 27"x41", with Trish Vandevere and Joseph Cotton, the poster has been nicely linen backed making the over all size 30" X 44". Good to very good condition, there is some surface wear to the poster. $55.00
The Incredible 2 Headed Transplant American Half sheet, 1971, 22"x28". Stars Bruce Dern, Pat Priest, and Casey Kasem. Poster has been cross folded and there is some minor wear, good to very good condition. $50.00
It's Alive American one sheet, 1976, 27"x41", written and directed by Larry Cohen, good condition, some over all wear. $25.00
It Lives Again [Die Wiege Des Satans] German poster for this 1978 film. Different artwork. 33" X 23 1/2", good to very good condition. $25.00
Macabre Serenade AKA House Of Evil Meican one sheet made for the U.S. market, 1968, starring Boris Karloff. The size is 27" X 36 1/2", very good condition. $45.00
The Man Who Could Cheat Death American one sheet, 1959, 27"x41", with Anton Differing, Hazel Court, and Christopher Lee. A Hammer Production directed by Terence Fisher. Very good condition. $60.00
The Seven Brothers Meet Dracula American one sheet, 1974, 27"x41", a Hammer/Shaw production, very good condition. $40.00
Stanley American one sheet, 1972, 27"x41", good to very good condition. $20.00
Tales From The Crypt Presents Demon Knight Small British poster, 1994, 16"x12", very good condition. $8.00
Tales That Witness Madness American Insert, 1973, 14"x36", unfolded, very good condition. $30.00
Witchfinder General OR Conqueror Worm Yugoslavian movie poster, 1968, stars Vincent Price, 27"x19", very good condition. $20.00