Arnold American Insert, 1973, 14"x36", stars Stella Stevens and Roddy McDowell. Very good to fine condition, some slight foxing in the outer borders. $30.00
Ben American one sheet, 1972, 27"x41". Good to very good condition. $25.00
Frankenstein Created Woman French poster, 1967, 17"x21". Hammer Horror film. Directed by Terence Fisher and starring Peter Cushing. Very good condition. $35.00
The Mummy's Shroud French poster, 1968, 18"x22". Hammer Horror film. Great artwork! Very good condition. $50.00
The Funhouse Original Japanese movie poster, 1981, 20"x28". Directed by Tobe Hooper. Different artwork from the American poster. Good to very good condition. $25.00
The Kingdom American one sheet, 1995, 27"x40", directed by Lars Von Trier. Very good condition. $75.00
Kissed American one sheet, 1997, 27"x40". Very good condition. $25.00
Night Creatures American lobby card #3, 1962, 11"x14", stars Peter Cushing and Oliver Reed. Good to very good condition, a bit of tanning and some small staple holes. $30.00
Tales From The Crypt Presents Demon Knight Small British poster, 1994, 16"x12", very good condition. $8.00
Vampire Academy American advance one sheet, double sided, 2014, 27"x40". Very good condition. $20.00