• LG = large
  • SM = small
  • dir.= directed by
  • star.=starring
  • Note: Titles that are underlined are links to pictures of those posters.

    As You Were American one sheet, 27"x41", 1951. One of the Sgt. Doubleday film series. Very good condition. $30.00
    Bengazi American Insert, 1955, 14"x36", Directed by John Brahm and stars Richard Conte and Richard Carlson. Good to very good condition. $25.00
    The Brink's Job American one sheet, 27"x41", 1978. Stars Peter Falk, Peter Boyle, and Watten Oats. Directed by William Friedkin. Good to very good condition. $25.00
    The British Animation Invasion American one sheet, 27"x41", 1991. Collection of animated shorts. Good condition, general wear over all and wear along fold lines. $20.00
    Bugsy Malone American one sheet, 27"x41", 1976. Stars Jody Foster. Good to very good condition, tack holes and some wear along fold lines and edges. $45.00
    The Chairman American half sheet, 1969, 22"x28". Stars Gregory Peck. Very good condition. $30.00
    The Cheap Detective American Insert, 1978, 14x36", written by Neil Simon, unfolded, good to very good condition, some light soiling, tack holes, and minor wrinkles. $15.00
    Circus Stars American window card 14"X22", theater used, 1960. Features Popov the Clown. Very good condition. $35.00
    City Of Fear American one sheet, 27"x41", 1959. Stars Vince Edwards. Good to very good condition. Has some pinholes, small tears around border, and tape residue on top and bottom. $25.00
    The Day The Fish Came Out American half sheet, 1967, 22"x28", stars Candice Bergen. Very good condition. $30.00
    Duffy American window card, 14"X22". Stars James Coburn, theater used, 1968, condition is good to very good. $15.00
    Family Plot American one sheet, 27"x41", 1976. Alfred Hitchcock's last film. Very good condition. $30.00
    The Fearmakers American one sheet, 27"x41", 1958. Starring Dana Andrews and directed by Jacques Tourneur. Good to very good condition. $25.00
    The Filth And The Fury Mini Movie Poster, 13"x20", 2000. Film about punk band The Sex Pistols. Very good condition. $8.00
    The First Traveling Saleslady American 3 sheet 41"x81". Comes in two sections. 1956. Ginger Rogers and Carol Channing. Good Condition, with over all wear numerous small tears and suport tape on back. Color is bright and vivid. $25.00
    Fleshburn American Insert, 1984, "14x36". Unfolded, very good to fine condition. $15.00
    French Quarter American Insert, 1977, "14x36". Unfolded, Very good condition. $20.00
    The Gallant Legion American Insert, 1948, 14"x36", stars Bruce Cabot and Andy Devine. Good condition, overall wear and small tears. $10.00
    Gone With The Wind American one sheet, 27"x40", 1998 re-release. Very good condition. $40.00
    Gus Disney film one sheet, 1976, theatre used, very good condition, some wear along the cross folds. $25.00
    The Great Man American Insert, 1957, 14"x36", stars Jose Ferrer and Julie London. Good to very good condition, some wear. $25.00
    A Hatful Of Rain American Insert, 1957, 14"x36", stars Eva Marie Saint and Directed by Fred Zinnemann. Good to very good condition, some edge wear, and some stains with some tape on back. $25.00
    The Incredible Shrinking Woman US, 1-sheet, 27"x41", 1981. Stars Lily Tomlin. Good condition. $20.00
    It's Showtime US, 1-sheet, 27"x41", 1976. Great artwork by Jack Davis. Good to Very Good condition. $20.00
    Justine American half sheet, 1969, 22"x28", stars Dirk Bogarde, Robert Forster, and Michael York. Directed by George Cukor. Very good condition, poster was never folded. $30.00
    La Traviata American Insert, 1983, 14x36", directed by Franco Zeffirelli. Stars Teresa Stratas and Placido Domingo. Unfolded, very good to fine condition. $25.00
    The Man From O.R.G.Y. American one sheet, 27"x41", 1970 release. Starring Robert Walker Jr., Good to very good condition. $25.00
    Midas Run American window card, 14"X22". Stars Richard Crenna and Fred Astaire, theater used, 1969, condition is good to very good. $15.00
    Mystic River American advance one sheet, double sided, 27"x40", 2003. Directed by Clint Eastwood. Condition is very good. $25.00
    Mystery Of The Black Jungle American half sheet, 1955, 22"x28", stars Lex Barker. Good condition. $40.00
    Neighbors American Insert, 1981, 14"x36", stars John Belushi andDan Aykroyd. Very good condition. $15.00
    Obsession American one sheet, 27x41, 1976. Directed by Brian De Palma. Condition is good to very good. $25.00
    The Price Of Fear American Insert, 1956, 14"x36", Stars Merle Oberon and Lex Barker. Folded, good to very good condition. $30.00
    Sing Me A Song Of Texas American Insert, release 1953, 14"x36". Good condition, edge wear and tears. $10.00
    Sinful Davy American one sheet, 27"x41".Theater used, 1969. Film stars John Hurt and directed by John Huston. Poster art by Robert McGinnis. Good to very good condition. $30.00
    The Son Of Captain Blood American one sheet, 27"x41".Theater used, 1963. Starring Sean Flynn [son of Errol Flynn] and Ann Todd. Good to very good condition. $30.00
    Splitz American one sheet, 27"x41".Theater used, 1984, condition is very good. $20.00
    Snow Queen American one sheet, 27x41.Theater used, 1960. Condition is fair to good, there is some tape and tape residue on the front and back, and general over all wear. $20.00
    State Police American 3 sheet 47"x75". Theater used, 1949 re-release, condition is good, there is quite a bit of wear along the fold lines, the color of the printing has remained very bright, the poster comes in 3 sections. $75.00
    Spider American 1 sheet 27"x40".Theater used, 2002. Features Ralph Fiennes, Miranda Richardson, and Gabriel Byrne. David Cronenberg director, condition is very good to fine. $20.00
    The Seven Little Foys Window card, 14"x22", starring Bob Hope. Theater used, 1955, condition is good to very good, horizontal fold line in middle, tack holes and some wear. $30.00
    Sword Of Lancelot American Insert, 1963, 14"x36". Stars Cornel Wilde. Good to very good condition. $15.00
    Take It Big American half sheet, 1944, 22"x28", stars Jack Haley and features Ozzie Nelson and his orchestra. Good condition. There is edge wear all around with small tears and general wear over all. $40.00
    Titus American one sheet, 27x40, 1999, advance style. Very good condition. $25.00
    Wrath Of God American 1 sheet 27"x41".Theater used, 1972. Features Robert Mitchum, condition is very good. $30.00
    The Younger Brothers American Insert, 1949, 14"x36". Good to very good condition. $30.00
    The Young Savages American half sheet, 1961, 22x28", stars Burt Lancaster. Good condition, the poster has been folded in the middle on the vertical but not horizontal. There are several tack holes, wrinkles, and other wear. $25.00