NOTE: Titles that are underlined are links to pictures of those books or magazines.

Title Author/Publishing Date Price Notes

After Many A Summer Dies The Swan
By Aldous Huxley, 1952, Avon Books, #AT435. $5.00 Good condition.

Broke Down Engine And Other Troubles With Machines
By Ron Goulart, 1972, Collier Books, #02074. Collection of short stories. $6.00 Good to very good condition.

Buck Rogers Hammer Of Mars
By M.S. Murdock, 1989, TSR Books, #0-88038-751-3. $3.00 Good condition.

Flight From Natchez
By Frank G. Slaughter, 1956, Perma Books, #4064. $3.00 Good condition, spine wear and chipping at bottom of spine.

Frank Frazetta's Death Dealer Book 3 Tooth And Claw
By James Silke, 1989, Tor Fantasy Books, #50330-9. $3.00 Good condition, spine wear.

The Fugitive Kind [Original Play Title: Orpheus Descending]
By Tennessee Williams, 1960, Signet Books, #s1745. $15.00 Good to very good condition.

Galaxy 666
By Pel Torro, 1968, Tower Books, #42-185. The cover photo looks like a model of the Enterprise with gumdrops stuck to it. $5.00 Good condition.

I Was A Teen-Age Dwarf
By Max Shulman, 1960, Bantam Books, #F2140, illustrated by Eldon Dedini. $8.00 Good to very good condition.

The Magic Of Psychic Power
By David J. Schwartz, Ph.D, 1970, Paperback Library Books, Occult Series, #54-753. $6.00 Good condition.

A Mirror For Observers
By Edgar Pangborn, 1958, Dell Books, #D246. $2.00 Fair condition, cover wear and some loose pages.

Office Affair
By Mark West, 1961, Beacon Books, #B421Y. Great cover! $4.00 Fair to good condition, water stain on back and bottom of book.

Perry Rhodan #17 The Venus Trap
By Kurt Mahr, 1972, Ace Books, #65987. $7.00 Very good condition.

Perry Rhodan #64 The Ambassadors From Aurigel
By Kurt Mahr, 1975, Ace Books, #66047. $7.00 Very good condition.

The Rasp
By Philip MacDonald, 1946, Belmont Penguin Books, #586. $12.00 Good to very good condition, there is some spine roll to the book.

By Larry Niven, 1972, Ballantine Books, #02759-0-125. $8.00 Good to very good condition.

The Scheme Of Things
By Lester Del Rey,1966, Belmont Science Fiction Book, #850-682. $10.00 Good condition.

By Leigh Nichols, 1987, Avon Books, #0-380-75216-6. $3.00 Good condition.

The Shook-Up Generation
By Harrison E. Salisbury, 1959, Crest Books, #s321. $7.00 Good condition.

Starship Orpheus #1
By Symon Jade, 1982, cover by Earl Norem, Pinnacle Books, #41-646-6. $7.00 Good to very good condition.

Still Life With Woodpecker
By Tom Robbins, 1981, Bantam Books, #14892-3. $4.00 Good to very good condition.

Swords Against Darkness
Edited by Andrew J. Offutt, 1977, cover by Frazetta, Zebra Science Fantasy Books, #0-89083-239-0. $6.00 Good condition.

Tigers And Traitors
By Jules Verne, the Fitzroy edition of Jules Verne Edited by I.O. Evans, 1959, cover by Jerome Podwil, Ace Books, #80900. $8.00 Good to very good condition.

A Treasury Of True - The Best From Twenty Years Of The Man's Magazine
Edited by Charles N. Barnard, Crest Giant Books, 1958, #d256. $8.00 Good to very good condition.

The Violent Hours
By Frank Castle, Gold Medal Books, 1956, #554, cover by Lu Kimmel. $10.00 Good to very good condition.

Walk With Evil
By Robert Wilder, 1960, Crest Books, #s397. $8.00 Good to very good condition.

Who Knows Love?
By Florence Stonebraker, 1962, Lancer Books, #72-654. $10.00 Good condition, cover and spine wear.

Wine, Women, And Murder [Original Title: Jigger Moran]
By John Roeburt, 1958, Avon Books, #807. Specially abridged by the Author. $8.00 Good condition.

Writers Of The Future
Presented by L. Ron Hubbard and edited by Algis Budrys, 1990, cover by Frazetta, Bridge Publications, #0-88404-504-8. $6.00 Good to very good condition.