NOTE: Titles that are underlined are links to pictures of those books or magazines.

Title Author/Publishing Date Price Notes
1000 Incredible Costume And Cosplay Ideas By Yaya Han, Allison DeBlasio, and Joey Marsocci a.k.a. Dr. Grymm, 2013. $25.00Paperbound, 313 pages. Mostly picture ideas of costumes with creator credits.
As I See Boris Artzybasheff, Titan Books 2008. $19.95 Hardback, black and white artwork by Boris Artzybasheff with some notes by the artist and a forward by Bill Plympton.
Steampunk Brian J. Robb, 2012. $35.00 Hardback, 193 pages, good overview of the history of steampunk. Lots of photos and artwork.
Taxidermy BY Alexis Turner, Rizzoli Books, 2013. $35.00 Hardback, 256 pages with 337 color photographs.