Note: MIB means "mint in box"
Faller HO, N, Z Scale Fir Trees 30 fir trees, a mix of 2" to 3" trees. Item #181440 $19.95
Faller HO Scale Garden Iron Fence This kit contains 12 plastic parts in 1 colour, total lenght 684 mm. Item #180411 $8.99
Faller HO Scale Park Benches This kit contains 48 plastic parts in 4 colours, total of 12 benches. Item #180443 $7.99
Busch HO Scale Old Street Includes one meter (3.28 feet) of old-looking road. It is flexible, self-adhesive, and has a thickness of .6 mm (0.0236 inches). MIP $8.99
Preiser HO Scale Palm Trees Four plastic palm trees, MIB. $17.99
Busch HO Scale Poppy And Yarrow Plants Kit for poppy and yarrow plants. Contents: 72 yarrow plants and 24 poppy plants. Item #1263 $11.99
Busch HO Scale Hay And Straw Bales Kit Contents: 18 hay bales, 6 haystacks and 18 rolled straw bales. MIB Item #1212 $14.99
Busch HO Scale Pumpkin Patch Eighty pumpkins and ten sets of vines and leaves, MIB. $12.99
Busch HO Scale Strawberry Stand Kit for a strawberry roadside sales stand; sales stand, shade umbrella, tables, and benches. Also includes fruit crates, strawberries for the crates, advertising signs, trash bin, and a cut out sheet with prices and advertising (also in English). Item #1073 $24.99